mandag 7. desember 2015

Redefining Learning Conference Oslo

December 3-4, I attended the Flagship Redefining Learning Conference co-hosted with Skjetten primary school and Nesøya school, Norway. Two inspiring days filled with inspiration from international teachers, school leaders, students, Microsoft Managements and Education Team, Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and Finnish Ministry about technology and learning in the 21 century.
Microsoft Norway Education invited me to speak about the use of Surface and Pen in my design classes at Lister videregående skole. To speak public in a second language is a big challenge for me. But my sweet students shared so many fine examples of their work and lucky for me, the pictures spoke for themselves. Thanks to my students in class 1STF, and Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen, Microsoft who challenged me.

My Presentation for Redefining Learning Conference (PDF)